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Close up of a blank Time Sheet visual concept for a blog on wage claim defenses.

Alternative Dispute Resolution vs. Litigation: Deciding the Best Approach for Wage Claim Defense

Wage claims can seriously impact an employer and their bottom line. These types of lawsuits can arise when an employee accuses their employer of withholding the wages they’ve earned or paying improper wages. While the litigation process can be leng… Read More
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Lawyer is explaining about the wrongdoing laws regarding fraud to the client at the office. Visual concept for blog: Common Types of Business Litigation Cases.

Common Types of Business Litigation Cases

During the course of doing business, conflicts are inevitable. While some types of commercial disputes arise more frequently than others, it’s important to take mitigation measures in advance to avoid disruption to your company. In many cases, busi… Read More
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Close-up on business people closing a deal with a handshake at the office. Concept for How to Select the Right California Probate Lawyer.

How to Select the Right California Probate Lawyer

Finding the right California probate lawyer for your case can sometimes be a challenge. With hundreds of lawyers to pick from, you might not know where to begin your search. The right fit can depend upon a number of factors — and it’s vital to kn… Read More
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Cinematic Court of Law and Justice Trial: Judge Ruling on Resolving Trust Disputes in Litigation, Close Up of a Striking Gavel to End Hearing.

Resolving Trust Disputes in Litigation

In California, the probate courts do more than just oversee the administration of a decedent’s estate. They also have the authority to hear trust disputes. Many people might be confused by this since trusts are meant to avoid the probate process al… Read More
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Business lawyer team in negotiation to resolve a business-related dispute. If attempts fail and other alternatives are exhausted, commercial litigation might be the only option.

What is Commercial Litigation in California?

No business owner wants to be involved in a dispute — but they are sometimes unavoidable. Breaches of contract, confidentiality matters, and shareholder disagreements are just a few of the common conflicts that arise during the ordinary course of d… Read More
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Recent Court Ruling on Judgment Creditors’ Rights to Obtain Production of Documents from Judgment Debtors Over Objection of Privacy Rights of Third Parties

When seeking to enforce a civil judgment in California, judgment creditors should be aware of the tools available to them to obtain information on the assets and finances of judgment debtors. Under the Enforcement of Judgments Law (California Code of… Read More
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What is Better than a Pre-Judgment Writ of Attachment?

A major concern collecting a business debt is whether the debtor has the assets to satisfy a money judgment and whether the assets will be available once a judgment is rendered for the creditor. The writ of attachment is a powerful tool to secure pro… Read More
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ADA Lawsuit Reform – SB 1186

Introduction The Legislature enacted SB 1186 to as a part of its ADA lawsuit reform efforts, specifically to address litigation abuse, such as “vexatious litigation” — lawsuits that are not pursued to rectify wrongs or to advance or create a pu… Read More
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Koontz: A Valuable Weapon Against Government Sponsored Extortion

The U.S. Supreme Court decided a case which bolsters the rights of property owners against government agencies who impose “extortionate” demands or development fees. The opinion was issued on June 25, 2013 in the case of Koontz v. St. Johns River… Read More
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