Practice Areas

For more than 35 years, we have represented clients throughout Southern California in virtually every major industry in lawsuits and transactional matters ranging from real estate broker non-disclosure cases to complex trust litigation to estate planning. Our attorneys are among the most experienced and knowledgeable attorneys in San Diego. We find that many of our clients initially request services for one matter, only to then expand the relationship as their needs change.

Real Estate

Real estate has been the cornerstone of White and Bright’s practice since the firm’s inception in 1981. Our real estate attorneys are actively involved in the local community and commit themselves to staying up to date on real estate trends. Real… Read More

Commercial Leases

Entering into commercial leases can have long-term consequences for your business — and the best time to protect your rights is before the contract is even signed. Regardless of how skillfully a lease might be negotiated and drafted, it is not unco… Read More

Purchase and Sale Agreements

When it comes to commercial or residential real estate transactions, the stakes can be high. Real estate deals often involve a significant investment and a substantial amount of risk. Whether you are buying or selling, purchase and sale agreements ar… Read More


Easements allow a person to use another’s land for a specific purpose, as defined in the document granting the easement. There are many types of easements, including express easements, those that are implied by existing use, those that are crea… Read More


As a law firm with a strong real estate practice, White and Bright, LLP has culminated a depth of experience drafting deeds for a wide variety of situations. Whether you want to transfer property to an entity or from one entity to another, impose an… Read More

Subordination Agreements

Our White and Bright real estate attorneys assist clients with all types of subordination agreements relating to real estate. Subordination agreements, which change the otherwise chronological priority of liens on a property, are often necessary when… Read More

Corporate & Business Law

White and Bright, LLP’s corporate and business law attorneys offer individualized entity formation, business planning, contract advice and drafting, and counsel on matters ranging from corporate governance to contract renewal to succession plan… Read More

Security Agreements

Security agreements are contacts between two parties that provide collateral for other agreements, such as loans, by creating a security interest in specific property. Because a security agreement gives another party an interest in your property, the… Read More

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is vital to ensuring that you and your assets are protected from liability. Whether you have a corporation or an LLC, your entity must keep up with corporate formalities in order to insure that your liability is insulated. The co… Read More

Closely Held Businesses

Our corporate and business practice at White and Bright, LLP serves many closely held businesses. Because we serve a wide variety of business and entities, our clients face unique challenges and requirements. Close corporations are subject to differe… Read More

Business Entity Formation

From partnerships and joint ventures to limited liability companies and corporations, White and Bright’s business attorneys handle every aspect of entity formation, including: drafting the agreements, bylaws, and buy-sells; filing the necessary… Read More


Transactions make up a key component to the growth of any business as well as that of any individual. Whether you are contemplating a transaction involving your personal property or that of your business, it is essential to ensure that the provisions… Read More


Contracts are essential to the success of any business. From hiring employees to renting a work space, a business continually relies on contracts in order to develop, grow, and thrive. Because the terms of a contract determine the rights and obligati… Read More

Promissory Notes

A promissory note is an instrument by which a debtor promises to pay a certain amount of money to a creditor. These notes are useful when the debtor is making payments on a set schedule rather than one lump-sum payment. Promissory notes govern the te… Read More


White and Bright, LLP’s San Diego based litigation practice is a highly diverse and nuanced practice. Our litigation attorneys represent clients in all facets of litigation, from simple breaches to complex cases involving high stakes. White and Bri… Read More

Business Litigation

It’s not uncommon for various types of disputes to arise during the course of conducting business. Whether conflicts occur with vendors, employees, partners, landlords, or other parties, a business-related dispute can be time-consuming, costly, and… Read More

Real Estate Broker Litigation

As an element of our substantial real estate practice, White and Bright, LLP represents real estate brokers and agents in litigation as well as other forms of dispute resolution. In fact, White and Bright is the preferred law firm for several large b… Read More

Construction Litigation

Contractors do not always receive payment for their work. While this unfortunate fact might be true, it does not mean that contractors’ rights are diminished in the eyes of the law. Contractors have a wide variety of remedies at their disposal… Read More

Commercial Debt Collection and Enforcement of Judgments

Whether a company is acting as a creditor or is owed a debt because of some wrong done by the debtor, it is essential that the company receive the amount it is owed. Commercial debt collection can be a tricky process if you do not know what you are d… Read More

Creditor Representation

One of the most crucial components to a successful business is being paid for the goods and services you provide. When a customer or client does not pay for these goods or services, it may be necessary to enforce legal action to ensure that you are p… Read More

Partnership Disputes

Partners often agree on the basic terms of a business when they agree to form a company, but as the business develops new considerations can arise. Certain differences in opinion or unexpected situations can cause partners to disagree on essential ma… Read More

Contract Disputes

Contracts are promises that govern relationships between two parties. While both sides might seem to agree when the contract is being entered into, unforeseen circumstances can reveal differences in each party’s understanding of the agreement.… Read More

Encroachment, Easement and Boundary Disputes

Whether you own personal or commercial real estate, encroachments, easements, and other boundary disputes can be a huge hassle. Easements can spark conflict between neighbors, lead to confusion regarding roadway maintenance, and cause obstacles for d… Read More

Personal Injury Litigation

Unexpected accidents can happen at any time. When they do, it is important to have an attorney on your side who can fight for your right to the compensation you deserve through personal injury litigation. The personal injury attorneys at White and Br… Read More

Quiet Title Actions

An action for quiet title allows a property owner in California to establish clear title to the property. Quiet title actions prevent future litigation involving a dispute of the ownership of the property and clouds on title. In addition to providing… Read More

Trusts, Estates and Probate

Life happens, and the end of life is no exception. While we may not want to think about what happens when the worst case scenario occurs, being prepared for this eventuality can help to ensure that your estate is administered according to your wishes… Read More

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves a variety of considerations, including what type of assets you hold – such as personal property, real property, or cryptocurrency – and what tools you would like to use, such as wills or trusts. Knowledgeable esta… Read More

Probate Administration

Probate occurs at a time that is already difficult for a family. When you are mourning the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want is to have to perform an accounting and handle the administrative responsibilities that arise. A primary goal of o… Read More

Trust Administration

Having a trust included in your estate plan can be highly beneficial, as this inclusion can allow for the assets in the trust to be distributed immediately, rather than through the default method – a lengthy and costly probate process. Trusts c… Read More

Estate and Gift Tax Planning

One of the most important aspects of estate planning is minimizing taxes. While California no longer has a state estate tax or inheritance tax, federal estate tax and gift tax laws must be taken fully into consideration as part of any estate plan. Th… Read More

Property Tax Planning

In California, death of a real property owner usually creates a change of ownership that may result in reassessment of the property and an increased property tax. Consultation with our experienced property tax planning attorneys at White and Bright m… Read More

Trust and Estate Litigation

White and Bright’s expansive trust and estate practice includes both trust and estate probate and trust and estate litigation. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the law governing trusts and estates, and our attorneys have prov… Read More

Financial Elder Abuse

Under California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 1516510.30, financial elder abuse occurs when a person: takes, appropriates, or obtains the property of an elder for a wrongful use or with intent to defraud; assists in taking, appropriating, or… Read More

Will Contests

Family disagreements over the validity or provisions of a will following the death of a loved one inevitably involve emotional conflicts that can disrupt a family permanently. In addition, the economic consequences of will contests often are signific… Read More

Fiduciary Litigation

A fiduciary who holds a position of trust with respect to another person owes specific duties to that person under California law. If a breach of those duties occurs, litigation may be necessary to resolve the issues that result from the breach of du… Read More


When there is a dispute between two parties, the first step is usually attempting to obtain a settlement or otherwise reach an agreement with the other side. Depending on the motivations of the parties and the complexity of the issue at hand, negotia… Read More

Trustee Litigation

A trustee is someone who is responsible for managing the assets that are placed in the trust. Under California law, a trustee owes specific fiduciary duties to the beneficiaries of the trust. These duties include the duty of loyalty and the duty to a… Read More

Employment Law

Employment law attorneys help clients navigate the confusing world of employment law, which involves a complex set of laws that govern an employment agreement or relationship. As an employer, it is imperative that you are mindful of laws at both the… Read More

Employee Handbooks and Policies

An an employer, it is critical that your employee policies and procedures are compliant with all provisions of applicable law. Employee handbooks and policies, as well as other resources containing the procedures of your business, are essential to en… Read More

Human Resources Assistance

As an employer, you have probably already learned that you cannot anticipate every possible scenario. Unexpected situations can unfold quickly, and it is important to be prepared for both anticipated and unanticipated events. One of the best ways to… Read More

Employment Law Litigation

Lawsuits can happen unexpectedly, and employment law litigation can have lasting consequences for your business. Whether you face a wrongful termination claim, an allegation of discrimination, or a mere threat of litigation, it is always best to take… Read More

Asset Protection

Offshore trusts are a crucial asset protection strategy that can help safeguard your wealth and protect your assets from seizure. Significantly, you needn’t have accumulated a certain level of affluence before you can set up a trust in a foreign ju… Read More

A Primer On Assets Protection

“Asset protection” might not be a phrase with which you are familiar. However, most people engage in asset protection to some degree every day to minimize their risk exposure. For example, if you have a home or automobile, you likely have liabili… Read More