Closely Held Businesses

Our corporate and business practice at White and Bright, LLP serves many closely held businesses. Because we serve a wide variety of California businesses and entities, our clients face unique challenges and requirements. Close corporations are subject to different provisions under the California Corporations Code, and the operation of a close corporation can involve different considerations than other forms of entities. Our corporate attorneys are able to expertly navigate the various nuances in the law concerning closely held businesses, and our firm's long-standing relationships with many of our clients attest to our success in this part of our practice.

Our attorneys have substantial experience advising and representing closely held businesses. We utilize our years of experience to effectively assist our clients, whether they are considering establishing a closely held business or whether they already own one. We understand the unique challenges that close corporations face, and we are happy to help our clients each step of the way.

White and Bright provides assistance to clients at every stage of the business lifecycle. Whether you need assistance forming an entity or creating a business succession plan, our attorneys can lay the groundwork for your business to succeed. We understand the legal implications of important corporate decisions, and we commit ourselves to pursuing our clients' best interests at every stage of business development. Our client-centric approach and ongoing focus on both the short-term and long-term success of our clients’ businesses form the foundation of strong, lasting client relationships.

We welcome you to contact us about our legal services for closely held businesses.