Business Contracts

Contracts are essential to the success of any business. From hiring employees to renting a workspace, a business relies on contracts in order to develop, grow, and thrive. Because the terms of a contract determine the rights and obligations of the parties to such agreement, it is critical to understand the implications of each and every provision. At White & Bright, LLP, we know how important it is to protect our clients’ interests to the greatest extent possible and work diligently to do so.

Skillful Counsel for a Wide Variety of Business Contracts

Contracts can be highly nuanced — and they are an integral part of any business. The terms of a contract set forth the rights and obligations of the parties to the agreement. If language is omitted or unclear, disputes can arise resulting in costly and time-consuming litigation. Accordingly, every business needs to ensure that its contracts adequately protect the company and reduce the potential for misunderstandings or conflicts.

At White and Bright, we handle every type of contract that is part of a business, from those that are part of the formation of the business, to the myriad of agreements that affect daily operations, and finally to contracts that accompany succession, transfer, or termination of a business. Specifically, some of the contracts we assist clients with can include the following:

  • Employment and/or Independent Contractor agreements
  • Distribution contracts
  • Partnership contracts
  • Franchise contracts
  • Indemnity agreements
  • Vendor agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Contracts of sale
  • Master service agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Equipment leases
  • Transfer agreements

Our experienced business contract attorneys are adept at drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and enforcing contracts. We also assist our clients with implementing the practices that underlie their business transactions. When you turn to White and Bright for matters pertaining to your company’s contract practices, you can rest assured you will have adept counsel by your side who takes the time to not only understand your objectives — but develop a strategy to ensure they are carried out. No matter what type of contract you encounter in your business, we are here to help.

Knowledgeable Attorneys for Contracts Drafting, Review, and Negotiation

A contract should help to define and formalize your relationship with clients, employees, service providers, and other businesses. It must not only protect your short-term interests, but be instrumental in advancing your long-term goals and facilitating growth. At White and Bright, we carefully consider the best possible strategies to safeguard your business with contractual agreements that are thorough, well-drafted, and meet all the necessary legal requirements. With in-depth knowledge of multiple areas of law, our business attorneys draft, review, and negotiate contracts to ensure all wording is clear and the risk of litigation is minimized.

By having our attorneys draft and review your business contracts, you can help prevent the potential for a breach, ensure both parties understand their obligations, and incorporate crucial terms that may have been overlooked. We can also advise you regarding your options, negotiate more favorable terms, and answer any questions you have. Our business contract attorney team is dedicated to working closely with clients to help ensure pitfalls are avoided and their companies run successfully.

Adept Representation for Enforcing Contracts

No matter how well-drafted and skillfully negotiated, contractual disputes can arise from time to time during the course of doing business. In such cases, it is vital to have an attorney who knows how to respond appropriately and avoid disruption to your business operations. Whether you are facing an actual breach, an anticipatory breach, or a minor breach, we will assess your case and advise you regarding your rights and options. At White and Bright, we provide representation for enforcing business contracts — and defending those who have been accused of breaching them.

Our attorneys have extensive experience assisting business owners with resolving breach of contract matters. Applying our insight, knowledge, and acumen, our business contract attorney team is adept at resolving breach of contract matters using alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. In the event a contractual dispute must be resolved in the courtroom, our clients can rest assured that they have a diligent litigator by their side who will relentlessly advocate on their behalf.

Contact an Experienced California Business Contract Attorney

If you require assistance drafting, reviewing, or enforcing a business contract, it’s important to have a trusted attorney you can rely on. At White and Bright, LLP, we provide committed representation to business owners and entrepreneurs in California for a wide variety of business contract matters. We welcome you to contact or call us at (760) 747-3200 to learn more about our legal services.