Promissory Notes

Businesses commonly use promissory notes as evidence of a pledge to pay back borrowed money. These notes are subject to specific laws in California. Our corporate and business attorneys assist our clients in ensuring that promissory notes issued or received fully comply with all legal requirements. If you own a business, getting sound legal advice concerning a promissory note can mean the difference between an enforceable promissory note and a unrecoverable debt.

Promissory notes can be written in a number of different ways, including either with or without an asset pledged as security. When you count on our attorneys for counsel on promissory notes used in your business, we make certain that you understand the full implications of notes that you issue or receive, particularly with regard to your ability to recover the funds in the event of default.

We welcome you to contact us about how we can advise and assist you with promissory notes.

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