Security Agreements

Security agreements are contacts between two parties that provide collateral for other agreements, such as loans, by creating a security interest in specific property. Because a security agreement gives another party an interest in your property, the provisions of a security agreement - as well as those of the underlying agreement - are extremely important and require careful consideration. Additionally, the terms of a security agreement must comply with complex provisions of California law in order to ensure that the agreement fully protects the security interest that is created by it.

Some provisions of security agreements can be highly contested because of the enormous impact they might have on the parties' rights to the property in question. Having an experienced attorney assist with your agreement is key in ensuring that your interests are protected. Our White and Bright business attorneys assist clients with all aspects of security agreements relating to business operations.

White and Bright offers a variety of services relating to security agreements. Our attorneys adhere to the goal of asserting our client's rights and defending their interests, particularly in matters arising out of business transactions and contracts. As a business owner, you can be confident that our attorneys will protect your business to the greatest extent possible both long term and in the near future.

Whether you need a security agreement drafted or simply reviewed, our attorneys are able to assist. The White and Bright corporate attorneys have experience representing borrowers and lenders alike, so we are familiar with the nuances of these agreements from multiple perspectives.

We welcome you to contact us about how our years of experience with security agreements can be a benefit to your business.