Employment Law

Employment law can be confusing. As an employer, you need to be mindful of both state and federal laws, ensure that your employees are classified correctly, paid correctly and trained correctly. Even simple mistakes can lead to costly results. It’s important to seek knowledgeable legal counsel early on in your business’s growth who can guide you in areas such as:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Labor law
  • Wage/hour compliance
  • Reductions in force
  • Employee terminations
  • Employee classification
  • Separation agreements
  • Policies and procedure
  • Retaliation and whistleblower issues
  • COVID-19 issues
  • Employment litigation

The employment law attorneys at White and Bright, LLP are extremely knowledgeable in these areas. Having represented both employers and employees, our employment law attorneys are adept at anticipating needs and providing our clients with cost-effective options to ensure that their business is healthy and legally compliant. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you have created a legally-compliant foundation for your business consisting of policies, procedures and human resource structure specifically designed to avoid any costly litigation in the future.

Employee Handbooks and Policies

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Human Resources Assistance

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Employment Law Litigation

Lawsuits can happen. You may feel you did everything possible in attempting to rectify an employee issue only to be served with a lawsuit out of the blue months later. This can feel devastating. However, you are not alone – the employment litig… Read More