Employment Law Litigation

Lawsuits can happen. You may feel you did everything possible in attempting to rectify an employee issue only to be served with a lawsuit out of the blue months later. This can feel devastating. However, you are not alone - the employment litigation lawyers at White and Bright, LLP are here to help. With our years of employment litigation practice, we are here to help your company diligently defend whatever employment lawsuit comes your way – whether it’s a wage an hour claim, a discrimination action, a whistleblower claim, or a claim for wrongful termination. We have litigated them all and work hard to defend our clients. We have defended employment actions in both state and federal court as well defended claims brought by various government entities, such as California’s Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, a/k/the dreaded Labor Commissioner. Do not despair, call White and Bright, LLP today to begin your journey towards resolution.