White and Bright, LLP’s San Diego based litigation practice is a highly diverse and nuanced practice. Our litigation attorney team represents clients in all facets of litigation, from simple breaches to complex cases involving high stakes. White and Bright attorneys are adept at handling cases at various stages, from the inception of litigation through trial.

Our litigation attorney team has experience in both California state and Federal Courts as well as in alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. Our extensive experience allows us to effectively evaluate a case and to rigorously pursue and protect your rights.

The attorneys at White and Bright understand that sometimes it is important to win, and sometimes it is important to resolve a dangerous case in an economical manner. While we are always prepared to advocate zealously for our clients, we are also highly experienced in tailoring our litigation strategy to meet our client's needs. We strive to obtain cost-effective resolutions for our clients, whether through early settlement, mediation, or arbitration.

Our litigation attorney team employs their sharp skills to secure an advantage for their clients at each stage of the litigation, from discovery procedures and pre-trial hearings to appearances at trial. Invariably, it is our firm's goal to work collaboratively with each of our clients to obtain the best outcome possible in all of our litigation matters.

No matter the size or complexity of your case, we will work diligently to protect your interests. We welcome you to contact us about our litigation practice.

Business Litigation

It’s not uncommon for various types of disputes to arise during the course of conducting business. Whether conflicts occur with vendors, employees, partners, landlords, or other parties, a business-related dispute can be time-consuming, costly, and… Read More

Real Estate Broker Litigation

As an element of our substantial real estate practice, White and Bright, LLP represents real estate brokers and agents in litigation as well as other forms of dispute resolution. In fact, White and Bright is the preferred law firm for several large b… Read More

Construction Litigation

Contractors do not always receive payment for their work. While this unfortunate fact might be true, it does not mean that contractors’ rights are diminished in the eyes of the law. Contractors have a wide variety of remedies at their disposal… Read More

Commercial Debt Collection and Enforcement of Judgments

Whether a company is acting as a creditor or is owed a debt because of some wrong done by the debtor, it is essential that the company receive the amount it is owed. Commercial debt collection can be a tricky process if you do not know what you are d… Read More

Creditor Representation

One of the most crucial components to a successful business is being paid for the goods and services you provide. When a customer or client does not pay for these goods or services, it may be necessary to enforce legal action to ensure that you are p… Read More

Partnership Disputes

Partners often agree on the basic terms of a business when they agree to form a company, but as the business develops new considerations can arise. Certain differences in opinion or unexpected situations can cause partners to disagree on essential ma… Read More

Contract Disputes

Contracts are promises that govern relationships between two parties. While both sides might seem to agree when the contract is being entered into, unforeseen circumstances can reveal differences in each party’s understanding of the agreement.… Read More

Encroachment, Easement and Boundary Disputes

Whether you own personal or commercial real estate, encroachments, easements, and other boundary disputes can be a huge hassle. Easements can spark conflict between neighbors, lead to confusion regarding roadway maintenance, and cause obstacles for d… Read More

Quiet Title Actions

An action for quiet title allows a property owner in California to establish clear title to the property. Quiet title actions prevent future litigation involving a dispute of the ownership of the property and clouds on title. In addition to providing… Read More