Construction Litigation

Contractors do not always receive payment for their work. While this unfortunate fact might be true, it does not mean that contractors' rights are diminished in the eyes of the law. Contractors have a wide variety of remedies at their disposal in the event they are not paid the full amount that was contemplated under the contract or in the event that unforeseen circumstances have in some way altered the situation. Construction litigation involves a complex set of laws, rights, and remedies that can impact the underlying property and any transactions that may relate to it.

The law provides powerful legal remedies to ensure that contractors are paid fairly for the work they perform, including mechanics' liens and stop notices, as well as related procedures for construction on private and public works projects. In addition to helping contractors to assert their rights, the law also provides contractors with resources in the event they need to defend themselves in construction litigation, such as against construction defect claims and various counterclaims.

The attorneys at White and Bright, LLP have extensive experience with all sides of construction litigation - whether representing a contractor, a homeowner, or a party to a related transaction. Our extensive history of practicing in real estate law includes a wealth of experience handling construction collection problems, defense of claims against contractors, and representing buyers and sellers in leases and sales of real estate.

Regardless of which side of the construction litigation you are on or what stage you are at, our White and Bright attorneys are here to help. We keep your interests at the forefront of our interests, and we skillfully apply our expertise in order to best represent you. We welcome you to contact us to schedule a consultation and to learn more about our construction litigation practice.