Quiet Title Actions

An action for quiet title allows a property owner in California to establish clear title to the property. Quiet title actions prevent future litigation involving a dispute of the ownership of the property and clouds on title. In addition to providing property owners with clear title, these actions provide owners with peace of mind.

When a property owner initiates an action for quiet title, that owner is requesting that the court issue a declaratory judgment quieting title. When owners prevail in quiet title actions, they terminate the rights of unknown parties to assert rights to the property. Prevailing in a quiet title action removes any clouds on title that may have existed.

Judgments in quiet title actions are binding upon any party who was named in the underlying lawsuit. However, if the plaintiff knew of a claim by a party and did not name that party in the underlying action, or if such a claim should have been reasonably apparent to the plaintiff through inspection, the rights of such claimant will not be impaired.

Quiet title actions can help to resolve:

  • boundary disputes
  • preliminary title report issues
  • clerical issues on a deed
  • disputes concerning property easements
  • unclear ownership of inherited property
  • mortgage lender disputes
  • claims by lienholders

The attorneys at White and Bright have extensive experience in handling quiet title actions. Not only do we work with your title company to ensure the proper parties are named in your lawsuit to quiet title, but we also litigate your case and offer advice on when to resolve the dispute or proceed to trial. Knowing this specialized area of real property law has given White and Bright an edge in representing clients in real estate transactions and litigation.

We welcome you to contact us about a quiet title matter and learn more about how our team can help you.