Real Estate Broker Litigation

As an element of our substantial real estate practice, White and Bright, LLP represents real estate brokers and agents in litigation as well as other forms of dispute resolution. In fact, White and Bright is the preferred law firm for several large brokerages in the San Diego area.

Our diligent attorneys have handled hundreds of matters involving real estate broker litigation, including claims against real estate agents and brokers that range from negligence to breach of fiduciary duty and fraud. White and Bright's attorneys have defended their clients against claims by the Department of Real Estate (DRE), a department of the State of California through which members of the public may file complaints and otherwise initiate claims against California real estate brokers and agents.

Real estate brokers must adhere to a number of legally imposed requirements and restrictions. For example, under Assembly Bill 2330 (AB 2330) a broker cannot act as the broker-associate for a corporation at which the broker is a designated officer, and a broker must have a main office address associated with the broker's license prior to beginning work in a broker-associate capacity for another broker. The real estate attorneys at White and Bright understand the legal regulations imposed on brokers and know how to zealously and effectively represent them.

While the goal in a real estate transaction is to avoid litigation, sometimes matters involving real estate broker litigation arise. When this happens, it is best to have an experienced attorney on your side. Our attorneys understand how to protect the interests of our broker and real estate agent clients and know how to strategically defend their rights when necessary.

We welcome you to contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our premier real estate attorneys and to learn more about our real estate broker litigation practice.