Real Estate

Real estate has been the cornerstone of White and Bright’s practice since the firm’s inception in 1981. Our real estate attorneys are actively involved in the local community and commit themselves to staying up to date on real estate trends.

Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are buying, selling, getting or granting an option, leasing, exchanging, making a gift of real property, or making a loan secured by real property, White and Bright real estate attorneys can help. Our San Diego based real estate team has experience in transactions involving California commercial real estate, land, and multifamily and single family residential properties.

Our clients include real estate investors, business owners who own real estate, developers, builders, lenders, and homeowners. We work closely with our clients as well as the other professionals in the transaction to get the deal done. We pride ourselves on being problem solvers, not deal killers.

Some of our real estate attorneys worked in property management or real estate lending prior to practicing law, are active real estate investors, or are licensed real estate brokers themselves. Our attorneys’ diverse backgrounds give us a unique perspective on real estate transactions, as well as help us to work closely with the other professionals in the transaction to determine the best overall structure to meet our client’s individual goals. Our affiliations in the San Diego community help to keep us informed about current trends and future changes in the real estate industry. They also give us a deeper understanding of the concerns of other professionals, which allows us to address practical problems before they cause unnecessary delays.

Maybe most significantly, our extensive real estate litigation practice has taught us a lot about what can go wrong in real estate transactions and how to best avoid problems in advance. Our goal is to address issues before they arise so as to keep our clients out of court in the future.

Real Estate Litigation

White and Bright is recognized as one of the premier real estate litigation firms in San Diego County and the Southern California region. Our real estate attorneys have a wealth of experience in litigation of all types and levels of complexity. We assist clients in achieving cost-effective resolution to a wide variety of real estate disputes through mediation, negotiation, arbitration or, if appropriate, litigation in California or federal courts.

We have successfully tried, arbitrated, and mediated numerous real estate disputes. We also have extensive experience in complex real property issues, including real estate agent and broker disputes, quiet title and other conflicting claims to real property, easements, mechanic’s liens, lien priority, escrow liability, purchase and sales agreements, agency and insurance liability, construction defects, leases, long-term ground leases, real property partition, and commercial and residential landlord/tenant disputes.

We have represented companies and individuals involved in all phases of the real estate business, including owners, purchasers, sellers, developers, lenders, borrowers, limited and general partnerships, commercial landlord and tenants, homeowners’ associations, investors, and brokers.

We welcome you to contact our real estate attorneys to learn more about our practice.

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