As a law firm with a strong real estate practice, White and Bright, LLP has culminated a depth of experience drafting deeds for a wide variety of situations. Whether you want to transfer property to an entity or from one entity to another, impose an easement on a servient property, or create a new binding obligations such as a road maintenance agreement, our attorneys can help you draft the deed you need.

There are multiple types of deeds, such as quitclaim deeds and general warranty deeds. The relevant deed is determined by the circumstances surrounding the transfer of property. Once we have helped you to determine the appropriate type of deed, we can assist you in deciding on the appropriate method of titling the property on the deed. After the deed itself has been finalized, we can complete the necessary requirements for execution and recording.

Because deeds facilitate the transfer of property from one owner to another, the wording on these documents must be precise. An error or omission in a deed may break the chain of title, which is the history of the ownership of the property and which is used to determine disputes regarding ownership of the property, clarity of title, the metes and bounds of the property, and the existence of easements or other encumbrances on the property.

The attorneys at White and Bright have extensive experience in real estate law, including the transfer of real estate and the drafting and recording of deeds. We welcome you to contact us and schedule a consultation with our real estate attorneys to learn more about which deed is best for you and how we can begin the drafting process.