When there is a dispute between two parties, the first step is usually attempting to obtain a settlement or otherwise reach an agreement with the other side. Depending on the motivations of the parties and the complexity of the issue at hand, negotiation attempts have varying levels of success. When direct negotiations between the parties' respective attorneys do not result in a settlement or other resolution of the issue, the parties can choose to enter voluntary mediation.

Mediation is an informal method through which the parties attempt to resolve their dispute outside of litigation. Under California Evidence Code section 1115, mediation is "a process in which a natural person or persons facilitate communication between the disputants to assist them in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement." Because the mediation is designed to facilitate an agreement between the parties and to decrease the necessity of appearing in court, the California Evidence Code includes several provisions to establish to confidentiality of mediation and to limit the disclosure and admissibility of information communicated in mediation proceedings should the case proceed to litigation.

The litigation attorneys at White and Bright have extensive experience seeking solutions for their clients in mediation. We understand that resolving disputes sooner rather than later is often advantageous for the parties from the standpoint of both costs and stress. We attempt to resolve our clients' issues as expediently as possible while still firmly protecting their interests. We fully grasp the precarious situation a client can be placed in when commencing litigation, especially since committing to going to court does not provide a guarantee that the party will prevail. When all else fails, we are prepared to aggressively assert the rights of our clients in lawsuits and other proceedings.

Our attorneys are focused on resolving cases on terms that are fair to all parties concerned and that preserve the matters that are most valuable to our clients. The attorneys at White and Bright have experience serving as both court-appointed and private mediators, and we are confident in our ability to comprehensively represent you. Contact us to schedule a consultation.