Trust & Estate Litigation

At the law firm of White and Bright, LLP, our attorneys provide representation in litigation arising from disputes involving trusts and estates throughout San Diego and North County, and beyond. We handle the full range of trust and estate controversies, including will and trust contests, breaches of fiduciary duties, and administration issues arising in estates and trusts. Our attorneys have substantial experience in all aspects of this type of litigation, including mediation.

In trust and estate disputes, White and Bright litigators have special sensitivity to the accompanying intricate family dynamics, as well as keen awareness of the financial considerations. Our even-tempered approach to trust and estate litigation is one of the reasons for our proven success in handling these cases. We represent fiduciaries, trustees, beneficiaries, and heirs in both defending and initiating trust and estate litigation. Our extensive background provides us with superlative credentials in this practice area.

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Financial Elder Abuse

Our trust and estate litigation practice at White and Bright includes assisting clients with situations involving financial abuse of elders through wrongful deprivation of property injurious to the elder. We fully utilize California’s extensive bod… Read More

Will Contests

Family disagreements over the validity or provisions of a will following the death of a loved one inevitably involve emotional conflicts that can disrupt a family permanently. In addition, the economic consequences often are significant for one or mo… Read More

Fiduciary Litigation

A fiduciary who holds a position of trust with respect to another person owes specific duties under California law. If a breach of those duties occurs, litigation may be necessary to resolve the issues that result from the violation of duty. White an… Read More


When direct negotiations between attorneys for the parties do not yield a settlement in a court case, voluntary mediation by a neutral third party may provide a viable alternative. Our White and Bright trust and estate litigation attorneys have exten… Read More

Trustee Litigation

Under California law, a trustee owes specific fiduciary duties to the trust beneficiaries, including the duty of loyalty. A trustee also has the duty to act reasonably and prudently in administration of the trust. Any breach of duty by a trustee can… Read More

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