Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is vital to ensuring that you and your assets are protected from liability. Whether you have a corporation or an LLC, your entity must keep up with corporate formalities in order to insure that your liability is insulated.

The corporate attorneys at White and Bright, LLP have experience in corporate governance and understand how important it is to ensure compliance. The California Corporations Code imposes a complex set of laws and regulations governing corporations, and the legal requirements can change depending on the type of entity. Our attorneys are accustomed to working with many types of businesses that operate in a diverse range of markets and employ a wide variety of corporate structures.

While matters related to corporate governance are often addressed at the inception of a business, these considerations remain crucial throughout the lifetime of the entity. New hurdles often arise during ongoing operations as a business changes and grows, and the structure and management of the entity must be able to develop alongside the business itself. Our attorneys help clients with a broad spectrum of corporate governance considerations, including responsibilities and structure for management and policy making, disclosure and communication practices, and risk management.

Regardless of at what stage in the life cycle of a business matters related to corporate compliance arise, the experienced corporate and business attorneys at White and Bright are prepared to assist clients with their unique needs.

We welcome you to contact us about how we can assist with your corporate governance matters.