Corporate and Business Law

White and Bright, LLP's corporate and business law attorney offers individualized entity formation, business planning, contract advice and drafting, and counsel on matters ranging from corporate governance to contract renewal to succession planning. The clients we represent are involved in a broad range of businesses, from builders to car dealers, real estate investors to farmers. While our clients have a wide variety of priorities and concerns, each client benefits from the firm's broad related practices in real estate, estate planning, and business litigation.

We work diligently with our clients to determine which form of entity would be most advantageous for their business and/or asset protection goals. After forming the entity and carefully crafting its bylaws or operating agreement to be specifically tailored to the needs of the client, we assist with corporate maintenance, help clients overcome new obstacles that arise, and help clients create comprehensive plans for the future.

In all of our endeavors, our team keeps the client's priorities at the forefront of our discussions and strategies. We understand the importance of keeping sight of the big picture, and we continually endeavor to protect our clients' best interests. Understanding the end goal is key to protecting a client's interests and forming a firm foundation for the future.

In addition to helping with entity formation, asset sales, and shareholder buyouts, we assist our clients with business succession planning. By getting to know our clients, their families, and their businesses, we are able to operate on a personal level and to tailor our services to each client based on his or her unique situation.

Whether you need to form an entity, plan for the future of your business, or anything in between, our excellent business law attorney is ready to help. We welcome you to contact us about our corporate and business law practice.

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