Corporate & Business Law

White and Bright's business attorneys offer individualized entity formation, business planning, contract advice and drafting, and counsel on matters ranging from corporate governance to succession planning. The clients we represent cover every imaginable type of business, from builders to car dealers, real estate investors to farmers. And each client benefits from the firm's broad related practices in real estate, estate planning, and business litigation.

We work with our clients to: first, determine the best choice of entity in which to operate their business; second, assist in the ongoing maintenance of the entity; and finally, to always keep in mind the big picture of what is going to happen when the client no longer desires to continue the business. Business succession planning is a large part of this practice area. We get to know our clients, their families and their businesses so that we can offer the best advice to each individual client based on their unique situation.

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Security Agreements

Our White and Bright business attorneys assist clients with all aspects of security agreements relating to business operations. Since a security agreement provides collateral for a loan by creating a security interest in specific property, the terms… Read More

Corporate Governance

Matters relating to corporate governance are addressed at the inception of a business and also often arise during ongoing operations as a business changes and grows. Regardless of when they need to be addressed, our experienced corporate and business… Read More

Closely Held Businesses

Our corporate and business practice at White and Bright serves many closely held businesses, which face unique challenges and requirements. Long-standing relationships with many of our clients attest to our success in this part of our practice. Our a… Read More

Business Entity Formation

From partnerships and joint ventures to limited liability companies and corporations, White and Bright’s business attorneys handle every aspect of entity formation, including: drafting the agreements, bylaws, and buy-sells; filing the necessary… Read More


Transactions form the foundation for the operations and success of any business. Negotiating and finalizing the details of any transaction includes many opportunities for refining rights and obligations. To maximize the success of a transaction — a… Read More


Contracts are an essential and ongoing part of any business. The terms of a contract determine the rights and obligations of the parties to the agreement. Because of that fact, every business needs to ensure that its contracts protect the business to… Read More

Promissory Notes

Businesses commonly use promissory notes as evidence of a pledge to pay back borrowed money. These notes are subject to specific laws in California. Our corporate and business attorneys assist our clients in ensuring that promissory notes issued or r… Read More

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