Trust and Estate Litigation

White and Bright's expansive trust and estate practice includes both trust and estate probate and trust and estate litigation. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the law governing trusts and estates, and our attorneys have provided representation to parties engaged in litigation arising from disputes involving trusts and estates throughout North County and the greater San Diego area.

Our attorneys can assist you in a wide variety of trust and estate matters, as we have handled the full range of trust and estate controversies, including will and trust contests, breaches of fiduciary duties, and administration issues arising with respect to estates and trusts. Our experience allows us to anticipate key issues, such as whether a no-contest clause is enforceable, whether a will fails to meet the required formalities, or whether the testator lacked capacity or was exposed to undue influence during the execution of the will. We are familiar with the nuances of estates administration, and we know just how immensely issues relating to trust and estate administration can impact a family.

While White and Bright attorneys are more than able to litigate aggressively on your behalf, we also value family relationships and place a strong emphasis on preserving those connections. We employ alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration, in order to preserve family ties. However, when litigation is necessary, we are prepared to advocate zealously.

In trust and estate disputes, White and Bright litigators have special sensitivity to the accompanying intricate family dynamics as well as keen awareness of the financial considerations. Our even-tempered approach to trust and estate litigation is one of the reasons for our proven success in handling these cases. We represent fiduciaries, trustees, beneficiaries, and heirs in both defending and initiating trust and estate litigation. Our extensive background provides us with superlative credentials in this practice area.

We welcome you to contact us about our trust and estate litigation services.

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