Trusts, Estates & Probate

At the law firm of White and Bright, LLP, our attorneys provide full-service legal counsel and representation for matters relating to trusts, estates, and probate throughout San Diego and North County, and beyond. Our broad range of services ensures that all of our clients’ planning needs are met through customized estate planning, as well as estate, gift and property tax planning. We also assist clients with all aspects of trust administration and probate administration.

Our attorneys assist individuals and family members, including business owners, with the complexities of the tax and estate planning process. In our administration services, we work closely with trustees, executors, and beneficiaries. Our extensive experience in trust, estate, and probate matters provides each client with confidence and peace of mind regarding these critical and sensitive areas. We also assist with trust and estate litigation when issues and disputes arise.

We welcome you to contact us about our trusts, estates, and probate services.

Estate Planning

Our experienced estate planning attorneys at White and Bright assist clients with all aspects of creating an individualized estate plan. Our primary goals are to promote family harmony, avoid probate, and minimize estate taxes. You can count on us to… Read More

Probate Administration

Probate occurs at a time that is already difficult for a family. A primary goal of our White and Bright probate administration attorneys is to shoulder as much of the burden as possible, allowing family members to avoid the confusion and worry about… Read More

Trust Administration

When an estate includes a trust, there are a number of specific steps involved in trust administration. Our experienced Trust Administration Attorneys assist the trustee throughout the process to ensure that all legal requirements are met. We help th… Read More

Estate and Gift Tax Planning

One of the most important aspects of estate planning is minimizing taxes. While California no longer has a state estate tax or inheritance tax, federal estate tax and gift tax laws must be taken fully into consideration as part of any estate plan. Th… Read More

Property Tax Planning

In California, death of a real property owner usually creates a change of ownership that may result in reassessment of the property and an increased property tax. Consultation with our experienced property tax planning attorneys at White and Bright m… Read More