Commercial Debt Collection and Enforcement of Judgments

Whether a company is acting as a creditor or is owed a debt because of some wrong done by the debtor, it is essential that the company receive the amount it is owed. Commercial debt collection can be a tricky process if you do not know what you are doing, which is why an experienced attorney can be an immense help.

The attorneys at White and Bright, LLP have handled the collection of business debts in various forms, from pre-lawsuit collection to obtaining judgments and enforcing them. Our attorneys understand the nuances of the collections process and know how to strategically and efficiently pursue collection of the money your business is owed.

White and Bright attorneys are adept at employing a variety of techniques, such as obtaining attachment liens on the debtors' assets. Our attorneys can comprehensively navigate the California Attachment Law and understand that obtaining court orders on a pre-judgment basis to attach the property of debtors is likely the most effective way to secure the collection of commercial debts. This tool secures the payment of unsecured commercial debts while simultaneously giving commercial creditors an advantage over other creditors when those creditors seek payment from the same debtor. It also protects the creditor in the event that the debtor files bankruptcy.

Once you have obtained a favorable judgment, the White and Bright attorneys can help you to maximize your recovery through their extensive knowledge of the applicable laws related to the enforcement of judgments.

Although commercial debt collection can certainly seem like a daunting process, the attorneys at White and Bright are here to help. We have years of experience advocating for the interests of commercial creditors, and we are ready to assist you with the collection of debts and enforcement of judgments. Contact us about our collections practice.