Partnership Disputes

Partners often agree on the basic terms of a business when they agree to form a company, but as the business develops new considerations can arise. Certain differences in opinion or unexpected situations can cause partners to disagree on essential matters that are central to the future of the business. Partnership disputes can be resolved in a number of ways, including buyouts or restructures of the company management.

When a partnership dispute arises, it is important to be able to come to a resolution quickly and efficiently so that the success of the company is preserved. Involving an attorney at an early stage in this resolution process can help to prevent litigation, which can place an immense burden on the impacted company.

The attorneys at White and Bright have experience assisting business owners in the difficulties that arise throughout the development of the business, including with settlements, buyouts, and representing a partner in litigation when necessary. Our business and corporate attorneys have handled partnerships at all stages from formation to dissolution. We have years of experience counseling and – when all else fails – litigating business disputes.

We understand the threat litigation poses against a company, and we work zealously to ensure that the business can continue to thrive while the disputing parties come to a resolution. We focus on making every effort to negotiate a solution before resorting to litigation, although we are prepared to aggressively advocate for your interests should litigation arise.

Because of our many years of experience representing business owners in entity formation, corporate compliance, and partnership disputes, we understand the resources available to business owners and ensure that our clients have the opportunity to take full advantage of those resources.

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