White and Bright, LLP’s San Diego based litigation practice is a diverse practice representing clients in all facets of litigation from case evaluation, mediation and arbitration, through trial in California and Federal Courts.

Our attorneys understand that sometimes it is important to win, and sometimes it is important to resolve a dangerous case in an economical manner. In that vein, we always strive to obtain a cost-effective resolution for a client, whether through early settlement, mediation or arbitration, pre-trial hearings, or an appearance at trial. Invariably, our goal is to work collaboratively with our clients to obtain the best outcome possible in all of our litigation matters.

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Business Litigation

Our attorneys understand that businesses have to deal with many practical, financial, competitive, and strategic challenges to overcome today’s challenges and make a profit. Our attorneys work with our business clients to develop strategic plans in… Read More

Real Estate Broker Litigation

As an element of our substantial real estate practice, White and Bright has experienced practitioners in the field of broker litigation and is the preferred law firm for several large brokerages in San Diego. White and Bright has handled hundreds of… Read More

Construction Litigation

Contractors don’t always receive payment for their work. The law provides powerful legal remedies to ensure payment for work. White and Bright extensive history in real estate law includes a wealth of experience handling construction collection pro… Read More

Commercial Debt Collections and Enforcement of Judgments

White and Bright handles collections of business debts from pre-lawsuit collection to obtaining judgments and enforcement of judgments. We believe the key to commercial collections is obtaining an attachment lien on the debtor’s assets through the… Read More

Creditor Representation

At White and Bright, we understand that one of the most important parts of your business is being paid for the goods and services you provide. Therefore, we also offer creditor representation to strive to create a cost-effective plan to obtain the be… Read More

Partnership Disputes

Business partners often disagree, but they usually work out their differences. Occasionally, they cannot resolve a dispute and the business is placed at risk. White and Bright’s business and corporate attorneys have handled partnerships at all… Read More

Contract Disputes

Contracts are promises that govern relationships between one or more persons, businesses, or governments. White and Bright attorneys are experienced in evaluating the rights and obligations of each party to a contract, and will honestly and candidly… Read More

Encroachment, Easement and Boundary Disputes

San Diego real estate is valuable and there is little that is more irritating than an encroachment, easement, or boundary dispute between neighbors. It is a high stress situation that can decrease the enjoyment of your property. When all else fails a… Read More

Personal Injury Litigation

Our attorneys have a strong track record of successfully representing clients who have suffered personal and financial injuries, including claims for wrongful death, elder abuse, fraudulent transfers of assets, automobile accidents, defective roadway… Read More

Quiet Title Litigation

White and Bright has experience in handling a very specialized area of real property law involving quiet title issues. Quiet title is involved whenever there are adverse claims to either real property or personal property. This includes disputes over… Read More

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